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What makes Magento extensions be one of the best online store development platforms?

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Life has been changing and the way we shopping is now totally different from the past. Nowadays, queuing up outside stores or traveling a long distance to buy something you want from your favorite retailers is just in the past, it’s time for you to forget them. While retail industry is still the billions industry, there is another one has appeared and gone along with the development of retail, that is Ecommerce. It can be said that making the sale online is never a difficult task, especially when you have already had Magento store. From the first time, Magento has been considered as one of the best online store development platforms, business owners love it due to the powerful features provided.

If you own a Magento store but your total revenue just reaches the average number, it’s time for you to revamp it. In this article, I will show you how Magento extensions one of the best online store development platforms, here we go:

  1. Simplifying

The main reasons why E-commerce websites suffer from cart abandonment are checkout process is too complicated or just too long. What does it mean by too long? I mean it is long in time and process. Customers have to load several pages just to finish and the loading time for each page take even minute. Magento one step checkout extension comes in handy in such situations. How does it simplify? It combines several stages into one and optimizes the information necessary for a checkout process. The more customers who complete the checkout process, the higher the sales. We also Magento 2 one step checkout extension in case your site is going with Magento 2.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Long-tail links are just for people who have already been familiar with your website, with others, those links are too complicated and difficult to remember because they cannot remember long-tail links or discern if they are the correct ones for the products they want. That will hurt your business benefit badly because most of the consumers reach your shop front via search results. Fortunately, nowadays, all Magento products provided by Netbase team on marketplace allow to converts long-tail links into short so page title and header are optimized so customers can find you easily through a search engine.

  1. Responsive design

If your site is not responsive, it means that you just serve roughly 40% amount of consumers. How about the rest? The remaining consumers are going with smart devices such as a tablet, laptop, and smart phones are the most popular. Therefore, responsive design is not optional, it is almost compulsory. It had better make your website be displayed correctly on every device. Our Magento products all have a responsive design that can adapt to the device the store is being accessed from. Regardless of devices customers use, they are still be catered with the great experience on a user-friendly interface. The better your site’s accessibility, the better your sales get.

  1. Multi-lingual and Geo-targeting

By default, your Magento store would be in English but due to the wide spread of the Internet, and if you’re operating on a global scale, you should take advantages of multi-lingual and geographic features. Magento extensions are usually integrated multi languages and locations feature. Magento can identify the geographic region of buyers based on their internet addresses and redirect them to the appropriate website. English is global language but your website will be highly appreciated if it allows consumers to purchase with their mother language.

Overall, what I mentioned above might be the basic feature for Magento extensions but they are all the core value that build the wonderful things for your site. Hope you find it helpful!

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