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Improving conversion rate from existing traffic with Magento extensions

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If you are also a retailor, have your ever thought that you will be the formidable opponent of the giant like Amazon and Walmart or at least you desire to compete with them? If our answer is yes, you should build an actually powerful online selling system. So, the core of your marketing strategy should be conversion rate, not just traffic because traffic is just the visible part of the iceberg. There is one thing which is always true that a company selling well will gain high conversion rate. That is the evident truth.

A common mistake of many business owners is putting too much efforts on stimulating traffic amount and almost forgetting conversion rate. If traffic is not converted, what does that high traffic amount mean?  After all, rate of conversion or purchasing seems to be the most proper criteria to evaluate whether how well your business works.

More buyers on your site = Higher conversion rate

Boosting traffic is also necessary but let’s turn traffic, turn visitors into paying customers, make them pull out their wallets. You can refer some important things we list below with suggested Magento extensions to improve your conversion rate from existing traffic on your site:

  1. Building rich customer experience

Customer is always right and customer is the king, if you can impress them by creating an engaging user experience  and offering them value added. Nowadays, some business owners invest blindly in brand building campaigns. They just put money for paid advertising and re-marketing to attract traffic, but they forget improving web experience. We are sure that with those kinds of website, customers just come one time and never come back, your effort will be worthless. So, one suggestion is that before plunging into  branding campaigns, let’s spend some time and money to improve UX on your site.

  1. Offering image that gives real feeling about products

Shopping online means that customers only can see, but not touch, so offering them high revolution and pretty details will increase the credibility. When customer places cursor on the picture, different portions of product image are zoomed, which will give customer the feeling of holding product right on their hands. That real feeling will encourage customers to buy your product.

  1. Simplifying checkout process to reduce cart abandonment

Don’t evaluate checkout process on your site by your subjective feeling, let’s do the test and calculate it by mark. Then, from that result, you can have plan to improve checkout process and reduce cart abandonment, if you want to boost your sale. There are a lot of tools support you to deal with this problem such as Magento One step Checkout extension ( we also provide Magento 2 version), Magento 2 shipping calculator module or Magento mega menu. You can also study more about cart abandonment issue here.

  1. Adding reviews and secure shopping system

To catch the impression of customers, let’s show that you are not a normal Ecommerce store, you are unique among the crowd. Reviews and Testimonials are always the ideal choice. They do not show your introduction, do not show your subjective opinions, they are the opinions of previous customers, they talk about their experience with your products. This method is like word-of- mouth advertising, you do not have to pay money but its performance is really amazing.

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