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3 Hacking Tips for Better E-commerce User Experience

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In this article, I would like to share some hacking tips about how to improve User Experience (UX) for eCommerce websites. This is a very interesting topic because by increasing UX, you can generate more sales and also obtain and maintain customers. No need to wait more, we are going to the first tip now.

Use white space in your favor.

With ecommerce websites, white space can be used in order to improve user experience. We call any blank area on your site is white space, and no matter what color it is. Using white space is a good way to highlight images of products and their details. If you present too many products in only one page, it seems that you are trying to force the consumers to buy all those, and sometimes it also makes your layout more clutter.

Here are some benefits that proper white space can bring:

  • You can make images of products are more attractive and the consumers would be able to appreciate the looks of your products.
  • Consumers would also be drawn to the messages that go along with the product.
  • White space can bring a clean and comfortable look for your site, consumers will not be bombarded with too much elements on a limited space. It means better experience for them while browsing on your site.

Look at an example from Chanel; let’s see how they do with minimalistic design. They used the white space very cleverly; the photo and the choices below will be the focus of attention.

Where possible, automate.

When time is precious, the automation should be done whenever and wherever it can be done. The automation can save a lot of time and effort, so it can improve user experience significantly. In fact, there are many processes on your site that it can be automated.

You can automate your search function with auto suggestion and autocomplete, with this feature, consumers do not need to enter full search query. Or you can make your order process becomes automatic. Normally, consumers have to manually fill up their name, address, credit card info and other fields while placing an order; it would be a hassle in many cases. Instead, some extensions like one step checkout will be useful. With this extension, when consumers enter the zip code, the other fields such as shipping address can be automated fill up. By this way, they can save time and checkout will be a breeze.

By the same way, credit card information can be saved and used for many time. But make sure that all informations are secured. All informations that you obtained from your customers should be encrypted. With this, your customers can quickly accomplish forms without compromising security.

Limit choices and provide the best option

There are many marketers believe that providing many options will boost conversions, but that’s not always true.

For example, you have a store that sells different wrist watch models, and on your product pages, you offering 2 – 3 different watches with different buy buttons or CTA. You think that it will increase the likelihood of a sale, but the fact is not. You should only recommend one product at a time in order to convert more leads into customers and increase sales.

That’s what the Pareto Principle (also knows as the 80/20 rule) teaches, in marketing, there is no form of balance and the rate 50:50 is nonexistent. The Pareto principle pointed out that 20% of the input creates 80% of the result; it means 20% of the customers create 80% of the revenue.

When you optimizing your landing page, the Pareto principle teach that fewer options will produce more results. For instance:

  • 1 call to action button = 20 sales
  • 2 call to action buttons = 13 sales
  • 3 call to action buttons = 5 sales

Therefore, when you’re planning for your marketing campaigns and looking for solution to increase the conversion rates, the 80/20 rule will be a great guide.

In Conclusion

The tips above are focused on improving user experience of your online store, once consumers enjoy their moments on your stores, there are the bigger chances that they want go to your store again and again.

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